Viet-Thai Paradise

Viet-Thai Paradise is the area’s best ethnic East Asian offering, not only in style but also in taste. We have rich flavorful dishes plentiful in portion yet fresh and healthy. From Hanoi to Bangkok, The menu features the standard and exotic fare of the two countries— a tempting marriage of aesthetics and quality recipes that will have you coming back time and again.


Viet-Thai Paradise

The Viet-Thai Paradise Foodservice chefs and menu planners have an experienced knowledge base of the unique aspects of freshly-prepared on-site foodservice and facility foodservice management in order to deliver high-profile food products successfully. Viet-Thai Paradise on-site foodservice solutions not only make sense, but provide value-added benefits to your event.


Viet-Thai Paradise

Viet Thai Paradise is a modern Asian restaurant located in Annapolis, Maryland. We pride ourselves on providing tasty wholesome Asian dishes coupled with excellent service. Our Chefs, Chef Victor Lemus and Chef David Rosas, are passionate about our Viet-Thai Asian cuisine. They have experience in serving up dishes from China to Japan and from Thailand to Malaysia.



Fresh herbs are key to Vietnamese meals as well as rice and fish sauce. It has been argued however, that the most important creation coming from the kitchens of a Vietnamese household is the broth.

The geography of the country helps to define the Vietnamese cuisine. The Northern regions seem to be influenced by the Chinese noodle and fry styles. The middle of the country feels inspired by the close proximity of Thailand and Cambodia. Rice is grown throughout Vietnam but in the South the fertile Mekong Delta is known as the “rice bowl.” This region is known to be typically sweeter with their meals. Due to colonization, there are definite French influences to the Vietnamese palate.


Although Thai food is known for being spicy, the traditional goal is to find the balance between spicy, sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The meats are often aquatic and sometimes land based, with fresh herbs and local vegetables also being an important aspect of a meal.

Influences can be traced to the Portuguese, Dutch, French, and the Japanese. The Chinese penchant for frying, deep frying, and stir frying also makes its way into the Thai kitchen. The curry from India made a home in Thailand, but the Thai people made it their own dish by adding local spices and flavors. Each dish at Viet-Thai Paradise Restaurant is a journey for your palate. Try something new or one of your favorites, today.

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